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A trial version of Work Time Studio is available below. Work Time Studio requires that you are running Windows 2000 or greater for your operating system, and that your graphics card is capable of a minimum of 800 x 600 resolution.

The trial version of Work Time Studio is valid for 30 days. The only limitation of the trial version is that you are limited to adding 100 WorkItems per database. This is a very small limitation, and will not hinder you from discovering all the features that Work Time Studio has to offer.

We are happy to announce that version 2.0 is available for download! This is a major release, and contains full documentation for the new features in version 2.0. If you are currently using version 1 of Work Time Studio, version 2.0 has the ability to convert your data to the new version 2 format. There is also a Lite version in version 2, which allows Work Time Studio to be used indefinately without purchasing a license. The Lite version is limited in features compared to the standard version. Please see Feature Matrix, which describes the differences between the standard and lite versions. The new trial version of version 2 allows you to run in standard mode for 30 days, with the limitation of creating 100 WorkItems. After 30 days, version 2 will revert to the Lite version.

The main improvement in version 2 is the use of a full database server environment. Version 2 uses the Postgres database system, which is very stable, powerful, fast, and uses little system resources. Another new feature in version 2 is the addition of a new Links pane, which allows you to store URL, file, and WorkItem links for any WorkItem. Version 2 is scheduled to be released and available for purchase by the end of November. If you have purchased version 1 within the last year, you will be able to upgrade to version 2 free of charge.

Work Time Studio

Version 1.4.4

Build Log

Compatible with Windows 7